sabato 15 ottobre 2011

The Beauty of Oud RIjswijk, Vranvredenburchweg Nature

It was a lovely Saturday yesterday. Amo and I had a nice walk and time together. We were just enjoying our time together and trying to appreciate theneighborhood.

domenica 26 giugno 2011

Paris 2011 Personal Collection: Day I Summary

Better late than never. I did not have enough time lately for this but here they go. The images I took from last April 2011. If you happen to be interested where the photo was takes, just click on it and you will be directed to a relevant page where the details and further information lay. Enjoy the exploration with me! :=)

sabato 21 maggio 2011

Basketball Alone (No Teammates)...Sad!

Today, it was a very congenial weather in Zuid Holland. I was able to do basketball in the park and had time also to practise with my new inline skates. I have bettercontrol now than last week. I moved to a bigger wheeled one and a faster better inline skates but I have topractise before I can get used to it...And I do love it! Much! This post is for the basketball part, though. :=) Riminisching..

martedì 12 aprile 2011

Exploring the Neigborhood and my Lucky Day

One weekend, Amò and I decided to walk around the neighborhood and just wander around. We ended at this little park where there's no one and it's quite not maintained. It's a pity why this is the state of this little park but it's not as bad as it is assumed to be I think. There are still ducks floating in thepond/pool but the cleanliness is not up to standard. Maybe it's the size? Or maybe the positon that the sun really does not she its rays over there? No idea. See some photos....

lunedì 11 aprile 2011

A Few Vienna, Austria Experience: City, Colleagues, Food, Delicacies

I was in Vienna for 2 days, the end of March and the first of April, and it was a pity I could not really give much to look around and to enjoy as tourist. Little as I could, I tried my best. Generally, the city center was amazing. The buildings were so much different from other cities I have seen. I mean, the uniqueness, the solid structures and looks of the building all over the center and the nearby areas were really something that struck me.

About the food, nothingmuch to say. I don't know what's the traditional Wien food so no comment here. But mylunch wasnot good enough... the lunch from the Botschaft in the photo.

The delicacy, the choco-filled-layered mozartskugeln (mozart's bullets)is really yummy. Below are some of the personalphotos with colleagues and the city.

sabato 5 febbraio 2011

Rijswijk Christmas Nature in Netherlands 2010

We had our guests a couple and 3 kids during the Christmas holiday. They're from another country... in a city where Mercedez Benz was born (guessing time). During Christmas, we had to show them around, especially the kids because they are here with us only for a few days. As we were walking to get the tram to someplace around, we passed by this park near where we live... but along the way, there were fun sighting too. See them below.

It was Christmas Day and the snow was thick but the sun was shining.
It was a lovely day. This is a close shot of the nest seen at the top
of the tree in the next photo.
See the nest up there?
We had also fun watching at this resting (or sleeping?) bird at the top of the street light!
Lucky ducks, they have a portion of the little lake left not frozen where they can swim and dive and look for their food...

Here's Rudolf being fed... he was tired from last night's service...:)

More food for Rudolf...

Foodfoodfood.... and it was later we realized it's not allowed to feed them!

mercoledì 5 gennaio 2011

The Hague Scheveningen Winter 2010, Netherlands

We had an entire family as a guest during Christmas and it was not simple to find something open at Christmas day and have some entertainment for the guests at the same time. Below was our adventure in snowy ground and when we reached the centrum area, it snowed further! Before that, we were at the park near the apartment. That was the Nature Encounter in Rijswijk, where the kids highly enjoyed as well. We showed them the center area of the Hague, where it looks deserted because it was Christmas and establishments were closed. We ended up in the beach area, in Scheveningen. We ate dinner there and went back home. We had the second dinner at home again.:)

Greeting you all a Merry Christmas,first and foremost... then we can proceed.

Our 3 little mountain climbers are on their way to the top... all3!

And they are the winners!

The city center, near the city hall, the library and the theater, it really looked dead and abandoned that day...

Let's give the word"beach" another meaning....all covered with snow and hardened snow (ice)...

The shoreline was all white...not with sand but with solid water from the sphere up there...

Yet, no one can stop these 3 from having fun... snowy beach or cold weather! Oh kids!

Of course, we passed by the recreation center... i joined the fun!

Leaving the place to go home, we had our first dinner already, time for the second!