sabato 25 luglio 2009

Flowery CLosed-Up Shots

It seems a late bloom but this plant here at home just bloomed lately when the rose and other flowers have stopped having their petals opened. Not so bad after all, a colorful environment is always good to have. They cheer the spirit and pain t the surrounding. Beautiful.
back yard yard, lawn garden, relaxing, house, garden, gardening, flowers, lovely flowers, lovely flower shots

Any idea what this flower is? I just don't have any idea actually. :) Just glad that it's here growing freely in the yard/garden. I thought before it was a bad plant. ^^ I was wrong!

sabato 18 luglio 2009

Weekend and Some Sunny Exposures

Hopefully the weather stays good for few more weeks. Soon it would be the cold season again. In fact rain has been pouring in the past few days and it's supposed to be a feastive week here.  Oh how good it is to be staying in the moderate weather condition: not too cold, not too hot!

giovedì 16 luglio 2009

Beautiful Kite Display Artistic Way

Have you flown some kites? How about a hundred or more kites for a change? How about beautifullly designed cute kites hovering over? That would be a great idea, right? That's why I share with you here my kitie shots. Check them out! Do you want to uncover more the story behind these kites? Why not click here and see? You will be learning for sure! Try playing the mouse u and down and the kites will move. :)

kites kites in display, many kites, thousand kite

kites kites in display, many kites, thousand kite

martedì 14 luglio 2009

Delicious Appetizer Shots: Yummilicious!

Not only places, not only nature! This time I am sharing with you some of the healthy food shots. Are you interested? Would you like to prepare it some day? Why not? If you arrange them better and make a better presentation, that would be fantastic. You can check the procedures and more detailed preparation in here.

appetizer, amazing appetizer, amazing appetizer shot

appetizer, , italian cusisine, healthy delicious appetizer, amazing appetizer, amazing appetizer shot