sabato 5 febbraio 2011

Rijswijk Christmas Nature in Netherlands 2010

We had our guests a couple and 3 kids during the Christmas holiday. They're from another country... in a city where Mercedez Benz was born (guessing time). During Christmas, we had to show them around, especially the kids because they are here with us only for a few days. As we were walking to get the tram to someplace around, we passed by this park near where we live... but along the way, there were fun sighting too. See them below.

It was Christmas Day and the snow was thick but the sun was shining.
It was a lovely day. This is a close shot of the nest seen at the top
of the tree in the next photo.
See the nest up there?
We had also fun watching at this resting (or sleeping?) bird at the top of the street light!
Lucky ducks, they have a portion of the little lake left not frozen where they can swim and dive and look for their food...

Here's Rudolf being fed... he was tired from last night's service...:)

More food for Rudolf...

Foodfoodfood.... and it was later we realized it's not allowed to feed them!