venerdì 16 gennaio 2009

Taking a Bath at 6°C North Sea

This photo was taken in Schevenigen during the 2009 New Years Day. This was mid day or noon time. It was a great experience witnessing this crazy act. What is it? Click the Photo to discover!

Crazy bath, Icy bath, Netherlands, Deadly Bath, Brave Act

The beach where the photo was taken is always cold. I mean, in my opinion, it is always cold. I have been there in the summer and it still made me wear my jacket and scarf to exscape the wrath of the weather and of the wind. But others can really get naked and soak and swinìm and enjoy. Ohhh...poor me. I was born in a 30 degree country and I lived there for long so you can only imagine why I have this reaction.

But still.... dipping oneself into a 6 degree water is something. 6 more degree down and it's going to be a solid ice! Can you imagine? That's just too much for me to bear. How about you? Do you think you can take it?

My colleague told that she tried it but after that year, she swore not to do it again...Why? You'll know why if you use your imagination. I am sure! :)

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