martedì 2 giugno 2009

The Effort's Prize

Gardening takes time and effort. Sweat and burning skin under the sun are some of the stakes but the following are the prizes. I can say that it's worth all the stakes.

Click each photo for the specific story behind it.

Now that it is summer, the beauty of the garden is even more appreciated. When the sun is on, it is really a great feeling to just lie down in there os sit and read. When it's too hot, I have the shade under the trees or the big bushes and I will have col air and cool feeling.

Simply amazing and I am so glad that I did the work. It is really a very good place to utilize and I am so proud of my handy work although, obviously, you can see that it's done poorly. ^^ Still, I can say that the garden serves it purpose. And compared to it's status when the grass was as tall as me, this is so much of an improvemen. :)

3 commenti:

  1. Totally worth the stakes
    What a gorgeous close up of the pastel pink rose its very beautiful and look at the bloom on the rose tree itself.
    You should feel very pleased with your gardening efforts.

  2. Your roses do look like prizes that are well worth the effort. You should be proud.

  3. Nice that you can get stuff to grow. You have a real green thumb and I do love the picture from the pink pastel rose. Its a really nice that you got to grow plants. I wish you luck in all your future gardening adventures.


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